Forbes Water Purifier Smart Uv


Forbes is a universal water purifier which senses the quality of water and chooses the optimum purification technology UV to purify water. It is an Electric water purifier with Quartz UV filtration that kills harmful bacteria, Virus, giving your family 100% Pure & Safe drinking water.Its unique taste guard technology senses and adjusts to different sources of water automatically using multi-stage purification processes to give you the same tasting, it ensures 100% pure and safe drinking water even during voltage fluctuations so that your family is being cared for at all times. It is a 3-stage UV water purifier with advanced technology that kills harmful bacteria & viruses. It's an electric water purifier with dual cartridge life that ensures safe drinking water for a longer time.

● Quartz UV: Filtration in this process- water passes through a high grade glass without contacting any metal part giving you the purest form of water.
● In-built Voltage Stabilizer.It ensures that your purifier works even during voltage fluctuations.
● UV Lamp Sensing Mechanism: It senses the current of UV lamp and monitors the purification process and always dispenses safe water.
● Long Life of Cartridge: One cartridge purifies 5000 litres of water.
● Error Indication: It alerts you if any error occurs in the purifier.

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